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Quickly and easily make payments on your policy.
Company Payment Links

The insurance carriers listed below will accept your credit card or electronic check payments.  Please click on your appropriate carrier below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  If you are mailing a check, please be sure to include your policy and/or account number on the check.

Company                                            Mailing Address                                    Phone Number                   Online

Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC           PO Box 219454 (Individual)                  888-989-8842                      Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC bill pay   
                                                          Kansas City, MO

                                                          PO Box 219451 (Group)                       816-395-2950
                                                          Kansas City, MO

Coventry Health Care                        8320 Ward Parkway                             800-969-3343                      Coventry Health Care
                                                           Kansas City, MO

Hagerty                                             PO Box 1303 (Auto)                               877-922-9701                      Hagerty AUTO bill pay
                                                          Traverse City, MI

                                                          PO Box 87 (Boat)                                  800-762-2628                                 
                                                          Traverse City, MI

MetLife Home & Auto                        PO Box 41753 (Personal)                      800-422-4272                      MetLife PERSONAL bill pay
                                                          Philadelphia, PA

Progressive                                       PO Box 4640 (Personal & Business)     800-876-5581                      Progressive PERSONAL & BUSINESS bill pay
                                                          Carol Stream, IL  

Safeco                                               PO Box 6476 (Personal)                       888-723-3260                      Safeco PERSONAL bill pay  
                                                          Carol Stream, IL                                   

The Hartford                                                                                                     877-896-9320                      The Hartford PERSONAL bill pay

                                                                                                                         877-896-9329                      The Hartford BUSINESS bill pay

Travelers                                             PO Box 660307 (Personal)                  800-842-5075                       Travelers PERSONAL bill pay         
                                                            Dallas, TX  
                                                            PO Box 660317 (Business)                  800-252-2268                       Travelers BUSINESS bill pay
                                                            Dallas, TX             
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