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In this day and age, with so many choices in nearly every aspect of our lives,
it's all about options and cost.  Buying insurance is no different.  Aside from a
multitude of coverages, there are also different types of agents you can choose from.

By definition, captive agents work exclusively for one insurance carrier and can
only sell policies for that insurer.  They do not have access to rates or products of
any other companies, so they cannot comparison shop your coverage for you.

This is where the value of an independent agent comes to light.  Put simply, they
have the ability to offer more choices than a captive agent.

As an independent agency, Ambassador Insurance Midwest has access to
multiple, top-rated insurance companies and works on your behalf to find the
policy and price that best fits your needs.  With this arrangement we can truly
represent your best interest.

We are a full service agency offering insurance in both Kansas and Missouri.
 Our helpful staff, with more than 45 years of combined experience in the industry,
are ready to put their knowledge and expertise to work and give you both the
security and personal service you deserve.   

We look forward to helping you!

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